A Different Kind of Shapeshifter by Michele Hauf

November 10, 2008

Michele Hauf has created an entirely unique shapeshifter hero for her novella “A Kiss of Frost” in the Winter Kissed anthology from Silhouette Nocturne. Read on to discover who this special hero is and how you can win a free copy of Winter Kissed!

by Michele Hauf, author of “A Kiss of Frost”, Winter Kissed

I’m familiar with werewolves and werecougars, werejaguars, smoke-men, selkies, and the like. But a hero who is made of frost and can shift to human flesh? That’s a little different.

The idea to write “A Kiss Of Frost” was sort of a no-brainer for me. I’ve lived in Minnesota all my life. I love snow. Seriously. Frost patterns on the windows? That rocks. Snowbanks sparkling in the sunshine? Sigh… So I had to write Jack Frost as a hero. Or Jal, as I call him. But what’s so alpha macho about a dude who creates frost patterns on your windows? Well, my guy is a god/faery who does have a job: he’s an assassin. Actually, Old Man Winter sends Jal after environmental offenders. One touch from my hero’s frost and bye-bye!

What if he touched a woman’s soft, warm skin? Jal can take on human form and flesh if he chooses, and oh man, does he choose to be in a form that will allow him to communicate with the sexy snowflakeologist, Kate Wilson.

But there are very obvious worries when one is dating a frost god. Firstly, if he gets too warm…could he melt? Well, you’ll just have to give it a read and find out. 🙂

I’ll give away an autographed copy to one commenter who tells about their favorite part of the winter season.



UPDATE: The last day to enter the contest with your comment is MONDAY, NOVEMBER 17, so be sure to share your winter pleasures before then for a chance to win! ~Amy



  1. I love the idea of Jack Frost as a hero! And I love the patterns of frost on the windows. As for my favorite part of winter–when it’s over! LOL. I live in the South, and we don’t have much winter here anymore. I remember having snow when I was growing up–making snowmen, snowcream, fashioning sleds out of anything we could find so we could slide down the hills. But now, we might get a dusting or two, but my kids don’t know what it is to really play in the snow. So I don’t find much to enjoy about winter anymore.

    If you don’t mind, please send Jack Frost ’round with a nice snow for us this year. Just one, please.


  2. What’s not to love about winter…snuggling to keep warm, playing in the snow (when we get it around here it’s a snowday for everyone) and the beautiful picture of everything blanketed in the white stuff or the crystal stuff (which is what we get more of around here).

    Your story really sounds so intriguing I’m looking forward to picking up a copy and reading it.

  3. My favorite part is looking out the window at the first snow. Everything is so still and quiet and sparkly. It takes my breath away the beauty of it.

    The second favorite thing? The hot chocolate I treat myself to when I get back inside after shoveling.

  4. Tammy! The first snow is the best! And yep, lots of hot chocolate in this story. Snow, hot chocolate, a nice snuggly blanket before a crackling fire. What more do you need in the winter time?


  5. Easy…but it isn’t a part of the season, more of an event. You know those horrible ice storms that take down power lines and generally screw everything up? We get a lot of them here in Central Indiana. I love those…at least the part where you look out a window from a safe, warm place, and see every limb, branch, and twig encased in glittering ice. Exquisite.

  6. I think we all agree that the best part of winter is ‘admiring’ it. Experiencing it with snowstorms and ice and blizzards isn’t necessarily good.
    My hubby took off a few days ago for deer hunting, heading into ND. It’s a 9 hour drive. He called me after 4 hours. They’d had to pull over to a motel for the night. THey’d driven into a blizzard, white-out conditions, and the freeway was shut down. ND freeways are not fun. There are no trees to buffer the wind, and once that road gets a fine sheen of ice–yikes! I still remember the year we traveled there on Xmas eve. Ended up in the ditch (along with about two dozen other cars) because of the hazardous roads. Had to form a convoy to drive to the next exit. COuld barely see the taillights of the car immediately before us. We had to stay at a roadside hotel. The kids were little, and we pleasantly surprised the next morning when they realized Santa Claus had managed to find them (so glad we packed the Santa presents that year!).

  7. Hi Michele!

    I love winter. Grew up in Jersey, but moved to the Pocono Mountains in upstate Pennsy. Talk about snow. The first year we were there, we were hit with a snowstorm that dropped almost 4 feet on us in two days. Culture shock! We were snowed in for almost a week and the power fluctuated between on for a bit, and off for a long while. The fireplace did it’s job, and since everything else was electric, we cooked over the open fire. Soup in a big cast iron pan, a long handled contraption to make grilled cheese….another pot for hot chocolate.

    And sleeping near the crackling fire? Lovely! Anytime we move, we ‘must’ have a fireplace. I wouldn’t/couldn’t live without one.

    My favorite time in winter? Watching the sun glint off the icicles and seeing the first shoot of green through the snow, as spring tries to come barrelling in….

    Nini 🙂

  8. I love to go out after a snow storm and walk through the newly fallen snow.

    I also love to make snow angels in the snow.

  9. I love cuddling up under a big fluffy blanket with a good book and a mug of cocoa. That’s my favorite part of winter.

  10. I love the gentleness of snow. I live in Sweden so I know of the danger in winter but it’s still the gentleness that touches me. The blanket of snow that cuddles the garden, protecting the flowers from the harsh winter winds. A sunny day when the cats run like crazy where we have shovelled a path through the garden. Or at night when we call in the horses and the first you hear is the tinkling of the ice in the coats (special sturdy ponies, very long coats in winter). The sound under your shoes when you take a winter walk with your darling.
    It will be very interesting to read a romance about winter people!


  11. Hi Michelle!

    I love building snowmen in the yard with the kiddos. I also love taking them sledding. My daughter loves playing in the snow and sometimes I have to drag her inside before we both turn into ice, lol.

    My absolute favorite, like others have said, is wrapping up in a blanket by the fire with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate. 😉


  12. I have to say that my favorite part is snuggling under the blankets, the whole family and also a crackling fire that I could get lost in.


  13. I like looking at the first snow in moonlight, all fresh and untouched. When we were kids, we’d have fun sledding down the hills at the local golf course, and waiting for the pond there to freeze over and grab our ice skates. Now, I’d rather watch the snow out my window, where it’s nice and warm.

  14. do we HAVE TO like it?
    christmas and thanksgiving and new yr eve

  15. My favorite part is the excuse to stay inside in front of a fire with hot chocolate, read and snuggle…mmm…yummy.


  16. Michele, what a super concept for a book. Jack Frost – even the name is sexy! I’m in Oz, where it generally doesn’t snow, and certainly not at the right time of the year (!), but I have spent a winter in Europe. I would have to say my favourite part of that was enjoying my jaegertee (spiked tea) on the ski lodge patio and taking in the view of my newly-met Italian friend (Diego, would you believe it!), pushing off the the start off the black slope in his superby-fitted black ski suit. This was over fourtenn years ago, mind you. These days, the only Diego I know is related to Dora… 🙂
    Looking forward to reading Winter Kissed, E

  17. Hi Michele! My favorite part of winter is skiing and ice skating. I love being out in the snow. Everything is so clear, crisp, and clean!

  18. Living in middle Georgia puts all the snow scenes to distant memories of childhood. So, what do I like now? I love the winter holidays. For some reason, one that I’ve not yet analyzed, I get very inspired in my writing as we approach Thanksgiving and Christmas. My imagination soars during this season of the year. I think it’s the little kid still stuck in the middle-aged woman. You know, the one that still believes in the magic of the holidays!
    Debbie K.

  19. Hi Michele! My favorite part of winter is sitting inside in front of a fire with a good book and a mug of hot chocolate.

  20. Hi Michele! What a unique concept for a book! My favorite part of the winter season is skiing!

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