About Us

This blog is brought to you by Harlequin Enterprises Ltd, and while we will most certainly be posting about the many paranormal books, authors, and imprints under our corporate umbrella, we heartily encourage posts, comments, and discussion about any books that fall into the paranormal romance genre! We are first and foremost fans, many of whom just happen to work at or write for Harlequin and its imprints.


Jenny B is the Manager of Digital Content and Interactivity at Harlequin. She harbors secret crushes on Spike, Angel, and other tortured, hunky vampires, and is still mourning the premature ending of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Laura is the Digital Production Coordinator at Harlequin. She reads gothic novels full of haunting calls across the moors, ethereally glowing hellhounds, men haggard and careworn with the weight of two centuries of melancholy, etc. etc. She is a ghost.

Amy is the Digital Production Coordinator Harlequin. When she isn’t watching Heroes and Buffy the Vampire Slayer DVDs, she likes escaping with vampires, elves, wizards, and all other sorts of magical beings — in books, of course.



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  2. What is the line/imprint for Harlequins paranormal, romance.

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