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  1. I am so excited that Harlequin has created a blog just for us! I see many friends and my beloved “Circle Sisters” here as well!

    –Nancy, working on SON OF THE SHADOWS for Nocturne ™ right now!

  2. For those of us who have fallen in love with Silhouette Nocturne line and who have manucripts with sexy vampires, shifters and whatnots of our own…. does anyone know what the expected response times are from the editors? Silhouette Nocturne is one of the few lines that isn’t listing response times and it would be so great (read: won’t have to stalk my own mailbox) to know!

  3. Ann — thanks for your comment! The typical response time is 3 months; hope this answers your query and best of luck with your submission!!

  4. Hi Jenny,

    Just thought I’d pass this along in case you hadn’t seen it. Harlequin’s Paranormal Romance blog got a mention on the website below and they did a brief article about it. 🙂




  5. Hi Jenny,

    I just learned of this blog. Thanks for having it.

    Are there any sub gnres for the paranormal romance line?

    I’ve written my first MM romantic erotica. However, the word count might be a bit high. Will higher word counts be offered for paranormal romance?


  6. JerryR — Hm, good question! And a MM erotica sounds intriguing!

    For any queries about sub genres and word count your best bet is to check the writing guidelines index on eHarlequin.com (there’s a link to Writing Guidelines in the footer of every page on the site).

    Since your story is erotica, have you considered submitting to Spice or Spice Briefs?


  7. Just a note to thank you for adding Urban Fantasy Land to your list of Favourite Paranormal Blogs. I’m a columnist there, and would be happy to review your paranormal romance novels anytime. My wishlist is at http://tezmilleroz.wordpress.com/reading-wishlist/

    Thanks for everything, and have a lovely day! 🙂

  8. I have a question that maybe one of you can answer. I write what I would call light paranormals. Werewolves, witches, time travel etc. They don’t all have the dark edge that the Nocturne line is so well known for. Any idea if I can find a home with HQN? Would a light paranormal fall into the Romantic Suspense line? I know I’ve read plenty of paranormal HQN’s over the years… long before Nocturne was out there… But I don’t want to waste an editors time by sending it to the wrong line.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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