NYT Author Rachel Vincent’s Rogue WereCats

April 8, 2008

Are you a werewolf lover? Prolific paranormal romance author Rachel Vincent‘s latest novel, Rogue — which just debuted on the New York Times bestseller list! — features a different breed of paranormal protaganist: WereCats!

By Rachel Vincent, author of Rogue and Stray 

In Stray, my first release, I wrote about Faythe Sanders, a young, passionate werecat who still had a bit of growing up to do. In that first book, she learned what it truly means to be independent, and how freedom isn’t really free. It comes with a lot of responsibility, and a duty to help those who can’t help themselves. Of course, in Faythe’s case, it also came with an opportunity to kick some serious bad-cat tail in the name of her Pride.

In Stray, we saw Faythe make a couple of very important choices, one regarding her career, the other involving her personal life. So what can we expect from her in Rogue, the second book? I’m glad you asked…

Faythe has promised to serve as an enforcer for her father for two and a half years, and she takes both that promise and her new job very seriously. And as it turns out, she’s pretty good at what she does. She’s now working alongside her brothers and fellow enforcers–yes, including Jace!–trying to figure out who’s killing tomcats, and how those murders are connected to a string of missing human women. Fortunately, she’s a fast learner.

As for her love life…well, that’s a little more complicated.

We all make mistakes when we’re young, and Faythe is no exception. But in her case, one of those past mistakes is intruding on her present and making a real mess of both her job and her personal life, leaving Faythe to try to fix things before anyone else pays to right her wrong.

Faythe and Marc truly love each other, but as their job gets hectic and difficult truths come to light, they begin to wonder if love will be enough to hold them together. Because this time, taking responsibility for her past might just derail Faythe’s entire future. She has a choice to make, and it won’t be easy. But then again, for Faythe Sanders, nothing ever is…

Things are getting tense in the werecat world, and we’ll see even more of this in Pride, the third installment. Faythe is in the unique position to change her world for the better, but like all great changes, this one will come at an immense personal cost. A revolution is on the horizon, and Faythe will be leading the charge-if she lives long enough to see it.

I love seeing the world through Faythe’s eyes, and every time I finish writing one of her stories, I can’t wait to dive into the next one. So if she sounds like someone you’d like to get to know, I hope you’ll pick up Stray and Rogue.

And for those of you who already have… Welcome to the Pride…












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  1. I laughed till I peed my pants when I watched this. These gals are not only really talented authors, but exceptionally funny as well.

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