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A Harlequin Winter Vampire Sneak Peek

November 26, 2008

by Amy Wilkins, Digital Production Coordinator

As part of author Lori Devoti’s 30 Days of Vampires blog bash, I’m guest-blogging again about the vampire books coming out this winter from Harlequin! Head over to Lori’s blog to get the scoop on the following books:

Are there any paranormal books you’re looking forward to this winter?



Vampires Done to Death?

March 31, 2008

By Jenny B, Digital Content Manager

Is it time to kill the vampire hero? I was catching up on my blog reading and I saw this interesting post over at Dear Author.  In passing, the writer comments on the relative popularity of the vampire as alpha hero:

Aren’t vampires on their way out? I can’t read another vampire story. I’m into shifters and in a poll I had a few weeks ago, shifters were preferred 3 to 1 over vamps.

Is this true? Are you over vampires as heroes? If so, what are you into now?


What makes vampires sexy?

January 29, 2008

by Laura

Vampires are sexy. The question is—why?

It may go back to the age-old attraction of bad boys. Vampires are ultimate bad boys; in many stories, they’re even soulless.

But there’s more to vampires that make them better than the average bad boy or even bad creature-of-the-night. Here are some of my favorite aspects of vampires (feelings so complicated they require nested bullets!):

  • They drink blood. This can be written as horrible and violent, but it can also be written as erotic and intimate: vampires are connected with a primal life force.
    • The “siring” relationship—when one vampire creates another—also strikes a chord. Two people share a sexualized ritual, and then are forever connected, whether they want to be or not.
  • They’re frightening, yet vulnerable.
    • Blood is difficult to get, especially for a reformed vampire. When they don’t get it, they need help—and at the same time, they can become more dangerous and primal, like a caged animal.
    • They generally have various other weaknesses, notably sunlight. Though strong and scary at night, they need to be protected during the day.
    • They’re overpowering, yet overpowered. Often they have physical and/or mental powers beyond ordinary mortals. They can cause humans to act against their own wishes, and yet they are driven by natural impulses to act against their own.
  • They’re (usually) immortal. Forever young and pretty.
    • They’re often hundreds of years old (yet still pretty!), making them worldly and cynical. Ah, cynicism: a bad boy attitude with intelligence and experience to back it up.
  • They can (usually) be reformed.
    • An unlimited lifetime is enough time to try anything—even a supposedly evil creature can find virtue or love eventually. The potential invites the right mate to try and draw it out.
    • On the other hand, an unlimited lifetime is enough time to try anything—even going good for awhile and then going bad again. So the danger is always there.
    • A reformed vampire still needs to kill (or at least maim) for survival. This leads to delicious angst. (Why angst and guilt are sexy is a topic for another time…)

What about you–what do you like about vampires?