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Win Vampire Books from Crystal Green!

October 3, 2008

Crystal Green has written about sultry vampires for years. Now she’s combining her love of the paranormal with the red-hot romance of Harlequin Blaze! Crystal tells us about her latest book, Good to the Last Bite, and offers a chance to win some free books!

by Crystal Green, author of Good to the Last Bite

Hi! Like Kelly St. John before me, I was invited to pop in here to blog about my newest paranormal—which just happens to be a Harlequin Blaze. GOOD TO THE LAST BITE is a tale about a vampire bent on seeking revenge against the woman (a vampire, too) who stole his humanity and turned him. And the only way he can reclaim that humanity is to destroy her.

Of course, things go wrong for our hero, Edward Marburn. Instead of capturing Gisele, the object of his vengeance, Gisele captures him. However, she’s intent upon taming her wayward progeny, and a battle of wills—and wild, sensual nights—ensues.

Even though Blaze might be the last place you’d look for a vampire love story, I think that a hot relationship and creatures of the night go hand in hand. After all, one of the movies I find to be the sexiest and most romantic of all is BRAM STOKER’S DRACULA. Seriously—how can you beat forbidden love coupled with sultry foreplay that leads to a passionate consummation (which just so happens to be a bite)?

Last year, I wrote a different vampire Blaze that explored this question. The book was called THE UTLIMATE BITE, and it’s a companion piece to GOOD TO THE LAST BITE. In fact, Edward Marburn drives the plot of that book, and the rest of his story is fleshed out in this new installment. When I turned in the manuscript, my editor, Brenda Chin, left a note asking, “So do we get to read Edward’s story next?”

Yup, and I have to tell you that I had a lot of fun pitting Edward and Gisele against one another. There’s a lot you can do with a captive, brooding hero and the vampiress who yearns to change his plans from destruction to acceptance. Also, creating vampire Blazes has been a nice change of pace for me, because I additionally write urban fantasies where the vamps lean more toward horror than romance (although there’s a bit of lurve in those other books, too). My vamp-writing career actually got started with Silhouette, when I wrote a vampire hunter story for the now-defunct Bombshell line. THE HUNTRESS featured a heroine whose boyfriend was taken by a tribe of feral vampires in Transylvania, and I was so enthralled with being able to write this type of tale that I kept doing it. I’m just happy that Blaze has allowed me to continue these stories in yet another line!

Thanks so much for reading, and in appreciation, I’ll be giving away copies of THE ULTIMATE BITE and THE HUNTRESS to someone who leaves a comment before Monday, whether it’s about Blaze paranormals, paranormals in general, or even what kind of vampire you find to be the sexiest!

I look forward to hearing from you. : )

p.s. from Amy: Use the widget above to read an excerpt from Good to the Last Bite! And remember that even if you don’t win, all three books (Good to the Last Bite, The Ultimate Bite, and yes, even The Huntress) are always available at the eHarlequin eBook Store.


Kelley St. John Announces The Sexth Sense Winner

September 9, 2008

Hi again, everyone! I’ve SO enjoyed chatting with all of you and learning about your favorite spooky movies, books and TV shows. And now it’s time to pick a winner. I decided to select comment number 13, since that’s my favorite number 😉  So…Luanne Davis, congratulations! Please send your mailing address to me at, and I’ll send those autographed copies your way. Thanks again for blogging with me, everyone!  I’ve had a ball 🙂  And I hope you’ll all stay in touch — my email is, and as you know, I love to hear from readers!

Happy Reading!


Luanne has won copies of Fire in the Blood, Bed on Arrival and Live and Yearn:


Win Autographed Copies of Kelley St. John’s Current Sexth Sense Trilogy!

September 3, 2008

The red-hot passionate romance of Harlequin Blaze comes with a paranormal twist in The Sexth Sense series from Kelley St. John. Kelley fills us in on Live and Yearn, the sixth book in her series — and offers readers a chance to win her latest 3 books!

by Kelley St. John, author of Live and Yearn

I’m so excited to be guest blogging on Harlequin’s Paranormal Romance Blog! I’m Kelley St. John, and I write sexy, sassy paranormals for Harlequin Blaze. My September release, Live and Yearn, marks the final installment of The Sexth Sense, a series about six Cajun cousins who happen to have an interesting family legacy – helping ghosts find their way to the other side.

Live and Yearn is the much-anticipated story of Nanette Vicknair and Charles Roussel. This book was extremely rewarding to write, not only because of my desire to see Nan battle her attraction for Charles with her usual headstrong mentality, but also because I knew I was giving my readers something they wanted—the true story behind Nan’s loathing (and her heated attraction) for Charles. Often with my stories, I receive letters requesting additional information about secondary characters; however, when it came to Nan and Charles, I didn’t receive requests; I received demands. Nanette and Charles have that effect on people, and I couldn’t be more pleased.

I also received questions about how their story would fit within the paranormal theme of the series, since Nan and Charles both reside in the land of the living. See, that’s the thing about living on this side, we’re all going to leave at some point, and a bizarre car accident (one that Nanette believes she instigated) sends the sexy parish president propelling at warp speed toward that beckoning white light.

A few additional questions I’ve been asked:

What makes your books(s) different from other paranormal romances?

The books are Blazes, which means they’re hot and sexy, and in The Sexth Sense, it isn’t merely the mediums that are hot. The ghosts are quite sultry too. And when they get together…well, let’s face it; if you knew that it might be your last time to have sex with the person you want more than life itself, you’d sure want to make it count!

What are the previous books in the Sexth Sense series?


Although the books compose a six-book series, each book does stand alone (but naturally, I’m hoping you’ll want to read them all 🙂

Have you got a book trailer for the series?

Sure! Check it out…

Now, if you have any additional questions about the Sexth Sense (or about anything in general), fire away. I’ll gladly do my best to answer. Oh, and while you’re at it, you can help me with my love of paranormal books and movies by telling me your favorites. What’s your favorite paranormal movie, television show and/or novel?

And don’t hesitate to comment. ONE COMMENTER WILL WIN AN AUTOGRAPHED SET OF THIS YEAR’S SEXTH SENSE BOOKS (Fire in the Blood, Bed on Arrival and Live and Yearn)!

Happy Reading…and Blogging!

Kelley St. John

Update: The contest is now closed. Thank you to everyone who entered!