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Susan Krinard’s Historical Werewolf Hero

October 24, 2008

Bestselling author Susan Krinard’s third book in her werewolf vampire trilogy is out now! Susan tells us about Come of the Night and its hero Ross Kavanagh — a one-quarter werewolf cop — and asks readers to weigh in on their favorite kind of hero…

by Susan Krinard, author of Come of the Night

Hi, everyone! The third in my recent werewolf/vampire trilogy is out this month: Come the Night. It follows the adventures and romance of Gillian Maitland, daughter of the patriarch of a powerful English werewolf family, and Ross Kavanagh, a disgraced, one-quarter werewolf cop. Gillian is bound by werewolf custom to marry a mate of her father’s choosing, a marriage that will forge new alliances and insure Sir Averil Maitland’s continued power as head of the great werewolf gathering, the Convocation. Gillian has resigned herself to her fate, even as she mourns the loss of her one true love, surrendered years ago to her own fears and his stubborn pride.

Having been accused of a murder he didn’t commit, Ross has seen everything he cares about slip out of his hands… But when a young English boy shows up in New York to claim that Ross is his father, Ross discovers that his bitter feelings towards Toby’s mother are far more complex than he’d like to believe. In order to protect Gillian and their son, Ross must travel to England, where he’s plunged into a chaotic world of deadly werewolf politics. Forced to conceal his mixed human blood, he’ll have to fight to clear his name, prove himself Gillian’s equal, and restore the love they’d so tragically lost.

While Come the Night is set in the 1920’s, the unique world of the English country house gives the book a timeless feel. The werewolves of the Convocation are the aristocrats of their species, many bent on purifying the werewolf kind of all corrupting human blood. In a world trembling on the brink of a new way of life, the werewolf clans have a choice: either accept that they must share the world with humans, or join their cause with tyrants bent on conquering the world.

Ross and Gillian see the great danger to both werewolf and humankind; the stakes are high, for themselves and for the world as they know it. Their love may be the bridge that will change the course of the future.

Ross Kavanagh appears as a secondary character in my previous vampire novel, Dark of the Moon. He’s also the son of Sim Kavanagh, the half-werewolf gunfighter hero of To Tame a Wolf. I became very fond of Ross while writing DOTM, and really wanted to see him featured in his own novel. He’s now become one of my favorite characters: a hard-boiled cop with a heart of gold. I’ve always loved this kind of hero, cop or otherwise … Bogey in Casablanca comes to mind. Or, to extend the example a little further, my ultimate favorite: Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine in X-Men. I’m looking forward to writing other characters like him in the future.

I’d like to ask readers a question: what is your favorite kind of hero? Quiet but tough? Diamond-in-the-rough? All-out macho alpha-male? Or something else completely?

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Urban Fantasy Vs. Paranormal Romance

September 22, 2008

by Amy Wilkins, Harlequin Digital

Confused about the line between Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy? Romancing the Blog has a fun quiz to determine just that!

So if these areas of difference are true, which genre would you prefer?


Are Vampires Dead or Just Mainstream?

May 26, 2008

By Jenny B, digital content manager

From Smart Bitches and Dear Author, another salvo in the debate about whether the paranormal romance reading community is ready to move on from reading about vampires.  This time, a different take in that vampires are not “over”, just moved into the mainstream.

It’s an interesting point, but for me personally, I will never tire of reading about vampires.  I love a dark, brooding vampire hero, and the vampire heroines I’ve read tend to be of the kick-butt, take-charge variety, which I also like in heroines generally.  If they’ve gone mainstream, so much the better — that just means more books for me to sink my teeth into!  (Sorry, I never could resist a bad pun!)

What do you think? Are vampires dead? Have they become mainstream? Are you finished with them?


Werewolves or Werecats: Who’s Your Mate?

April 10, 2008

By Jenny B

We’ve been paying a lot of attention lately to were-creatures like werewolves and werecats in Rhyannon Byrd‘s and Rachel Vincent‘s books, and that got me to thinking: who would my ideal paranormal romance hero (or heroine) be — a werewolf or a werecat?

What would you choose?


Vampires Done to Death?

March 31, 2008

By Jenny B, Digital Content Manager

Is it time to kill the vampire hero? I was catching up on my blog reading and I saw this interesting post over at Dear Author.  In passing, the writer comments on the relative popularity of the vampire as alpha hero:

Aren’t vampires on their way out? I can’t read another vampire story. I’m into shifters and in a poll I had a few weeks ago, shifters were preferred 3 to 1 over vamps.

Is this true? Are you over vampires as heroes? If so, what are you into now?


Paranormal Romance novels nominated for RITAs!

March 28, 2008

By Jenny B, Digital Content Manager

The Romance Writers of America has posted its list of RITA award finalists! Congratulations to all those nominated, but especially to all the authors of paranormal romance and urban fantasy novels on the list — I’ll be there in the audience on August 2nd cheering and applauding for you!!

Dear Author has an interesting open thread on the RITAs, with some discussion of the world-building required in paranormal romance. 

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the paranormal romance nominees — have you read any of the nominated titles? Are any of your favorite novels from the past year missing from this list?  What would your “dream RITA ballot” look like?


Is there such a thing as a happy vampire?

February 28, 2008

By Jenny B, Digital Content Manager

There’s a great post over at Smart Bitches that (in addition to being snarkily hilarious) asks the question, is it possible to have a happy vampire hero?  I don’t know if I agree that the world of paranormal romance is populated exclusively by angsty, self-loathing, emo-type vampires, but it does seem that a good degree of brooding is a requirement for a lot of the vamp heroes I’ve been reading lately. 

There are some great insights in the comments thread so I encourage you to read that too — then if you feel moved, I’d love to see your thoughts here on whether or not a happy, well-adjusted vampire hero can provide a satisfying HEA!  What do you think? Would you even want to read about a happy vamp?  Or is the brooding part of the sexy mystique?