Author Jane Porter’s Twilight Madness

November 19, 2008

It seems like everyone has got Twilight fever, including Harlequin Presents author Jane Porter! With the movie coming out this weekend, Jane joins us to discuss what’s so appealing about Stephenie Meyer‘s vampire series…

by Jane Porter, author of King of the Desert, Captive Bride and Flirting with Forty

I’m on a fast, furious deadline due to health interfering with my writing—must write a chapter a day until book is finished Dec 3rd—which often means writing late into the night to make sure each chapter isn’t just down, but perfect. But this coming Friday night I’m taking a break from writing. You see, Twilight madness has hit me, too, and I’m joining a dozen girlfriends at the local theatre for the 7:20 pm showing of the movie based on Stephenie Meyer‘s book.

I’ve read all four of Stephenie Meyer’s books in the series and I’m not the only one in Twilight’s thrall. A week ago I attended a book club in Woodinville, Washington and every woman there but one had read one or more of the Twilight series. I was so impressed! These weren’t teenage readers, either, but women between 40 and 60, all neighbors and friends, many with teenage kids who turned their moms onto the series. Author Megan Crane was the one who turned me onto the books and I’m so glad she did. Last week I had more fun discussing Stephenie’s books than my own which made me think that I should do a fun contest to celebrate the movie Twilight with a Twilight contest.

I held the contest last week, the prize being a copy of Twilight, which is the first book in the series, a small box of yummy See’s chocolates (I have a thing for See’s, especially those Bordeaux), and Jane Porter goodies and the response was huge. Of the fifty posters, most had read the series, although some hadn’t but wanted to. Only one reader hadn’t liked the books at all.

At the book club in Woodinville we talked about the popularity and appeal of the books. These are vampire stories. And shapeshifter stories. We’re talking paranormal here with some mild violence but no love scenes, at least not until book four and even then it’s not explicit. So what’s the charm?

For me, the charm is in the wonderful characterization, and Stephenie’s skill in making me believe this could happen, or want it to happen. I loved her very small town setting of Forks, Washington and her family dynamics of a teenage daughter living with her loving, but a little crusty, father. It’s storytelling at its best, which transcends genres and just becomes great reading, appealing reading, reading that tugs on your heart and captures your imagination.

I’ve bought my ticket for Friday’s movie. I can’t wait to have a girls night out. Are you going to see the movie? Have you read the books? And if so, who turned you on to Twilight in the first place?


  1. I read Twilight this summer — I wasn’t going to, but one of my friends is completely obsessed with the series and I succumbed to peer pressure, haha. I haven’t picked up any of the other books yet (I dare not add to my TBR pile!) but I’ve heard the series goes a little off the rails… my friend was disappointed with New Moon. Jane, do you feel that way about the later books?

  2. I finished reading the entire Twilight series almost two weeks ago and I loved them all! I’m not saying that I’ve become an instand Twilight fan but I did enjoy all the books very much and gave rave reviews on my blog but I also pointed out somethings about the novels that bothered me.

    I heard many rumors about all the books in the series especially the last one. I’m not much for gossip and I didn’t listen to any of it because it totally ruins the series for everyone. I can’t wait to see the movie this friday.

  3. As an author, I’m loathe to ‘rank’ books because I hate it when folks do that to me, but I’m a reader before a writer so I can’t help but have my favorites.

    Of the four books in Stephanie’s series, my favorite was #1 but I really liked #4, too. It’s probably my second favorite. The second and third book in the series irritated me more–and this is due to my feelings re Jake, the werewolf not the writing–but several of my best buds loved Jake and the development that direction.

    Why did I like #4 so much? I thought the author did a brilliant job at coming full circle, and I really enjoyed the twists. I didn’t see a lot of them coming and I tend to figure out some plots too easy so being surprised just made it all the better!

  4. I’m so going to see the movie! I’m gonna wait a few weeks though until I see it. I’ve read all the books… LOVE them all! I actually discovered the books on my own while I was browsing through a book store… I discovered them when New Moon had just come out.

  5. Is it fair that I rooted for Edward and Jacob? I loved them both and felt bad for Jacob when Bella chose Edward… but I just knew that they were meant to be together.

    Is anyone else hoping that Stephenie Meyer (sometime in the future) will write Jacob and Reneesme’s story?

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