More About the Raintree Trilogy from Beverly Barton!

October 22, 2008

Bestselling author Beverly Barton wraps up the Raintree trilogy with her story Raintree: Sanctuary. Here, Beverly gives us some background to the trilogy and tells how all three stories fit together…

by Beverly Barton, author of Raintree: Sanctuary

Writing the Raintree books was a real labor of love for us. This trilogy was more than four years in the making and came together originally as three separate novels for the Silhouette Nocturne line. These books were released, one each month, in May, June, & July of 2007. I’m delighted to see the three books now combined into one, with the inclusion of the Inferno prologue which was inadvertently left out of the original release. I never would have undertaken such an ambitious project with any other writers. This collaboration succeeded only because we three are very good friends, because we conceived and executed the idea ourselves, and because one editor – Leslie Wainger – edited all three books.

The Raintrees are an ancient race of people who are “more than human” and who have supernatural powers that vary from person to person. Our main characters are the royal siblings: Dante, the dranir (king) of the Raintrees; Gideon, the prince and reluctant second in line to the throne; and Mercy, the princess who is the keeper of the home place, the Sanctuary. These siblings possess unsurpassed powers and they are dedicated to using their powers only for good. Dante has power over fire; Gideon power over electricity and an ability to see and speak to the dead; and Mercy is the greatest empath in the world, with the ability to heal the body and the soul.

Another tribe who broke away from the Raintrees seven thousand years ago, the evil Ansara, fought and lost a battle to the death with the Raintrees two hundred years earlier and was thought to be virtually wiped off the face of the earth. But in fact, the Ansaras had been rebuilding their clan and planning for another war in which they intended to wipe every Raintree from the face of the earth.

All three books take place simultaneously from one Sunday to the following Sunday and each story leads up to the final battle scene between the Raintree and Ansara, which takes place at the end of my book. Each sibling has his/her own love affair which is interwoven into each individual book. Sanctuary, the final segment (book) ties up the loose ends in all three stories.

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  1. I loved the Raintree Trilogy and the Raintree’s are one fascinating family. I have no one favorite because all three were wonderful and I’m excited that it will be compiled into one book.

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