New Author Barbara J. Hancock Makes Her Nocturne Bite Debut

October 17, 2008

Barbara J. Hancock makes her publishing debut this month with Wilderness, a new ebook novella from Nocturne Bites. Barbara tells us about her story and something she shares with her heroine: conquering fear…

by Barbara J. Hancock, author of Wilderness

Tess Haverty examined the silver bindings that twined once, twice and again around his bare, muscular torso. Considering her plans, it was lame to mentally go down the list of how well he was bound . . . arms to chest (check) . . . wrist to wrist (check) . . . ankles to floorboard (check). She chalked it up to nerves mixed with a hearty dose of survival instinct. She had known this would be dangerous, but somehow knowing and seeing were two very different things.

We’ve all had defining moments in our lives when we had to decide to act or to hide. As the daughter of an alcoholic, I know a little something about fear. For years, I cringed through each day, never knowing if the next moment or the next was going to bring catastrophe in the form of drunken anger or public humiliation. My father quit drinking when I was a teenager.

My cringing didn’t stop.

When you’ve been conditioned to be afraid of each coming moment and what it might bring, it’s hard to break free of that fear.

In Wilderness, Tess Haverty is an uncertain Psychic because she feels as if her powers aren’t reliable. She lost her parents in a car accident she didn’t foresee soon enough to save them. She lost her sister to government authorities who have targeted Psychics and other Supernaturals for research. Tess must face down her fears as she steps forward into a dangerous future no less intimidating because her dreams give her glimpses into it.

Knowing what has to be done and actually doing it are two very different things.

There are probably few people who knew I was afraid as a teen. I was quick to laugh. My smile was the perfect camouflage. A defining moment in my life came when I held my baby son in my arms for the first time and timid was no longer an option. I owed him action. I owed him a fresh new life, free of fear. Sometimes it’s not about knowing what the future will bring, it’s about being not only prepared, but eager to face it, come what may.

Wilderness is a story about a woman embracing her power for the first time. It’s also the story about a man who inspires even as he represents the biggest challenge of all! Colin Masterson is powerful, dangerous and wild. He’s been captured and he’s on his way to a government research lab.

With a deep breath, she dropped to one knee. This was the do-or-die moment. Tess knew the truck was only about fifteen minutes from its destination. It was time to act. She just wished she didn’t have a sudden twist in her gut that redefined the moment as do and die.

Can you imagine the moment? Can you imagine cutting those chains?

Tess has to face her fear of failure. She has to brave the dangers of freeing a werewolf and, not only that, she has to embrace the untamed unknown he represents. This is her call to adventure, the call of the wild, and, for Tess, letting fear control her isn’t an option anymore.

I’d like to think I would be brave enough to cut Colin Masterson’s chains. (Especially because I know what lies ahead for Tess in reward for her bravery!) I know I am much braver than I used to be. My smile is real and those cringing days are behind me…for the most part.

Whether we could or couldn’t bring ourselves to free a sexy dangerous werewolf, going along with Tess as she does has truly been one of the wildest rides of my life. I hope you’ll enjoy sharing her adventure as much as I did.

But, I do wonder, would you be able to cut those chains?

Note from Amy: To celebrate her new book, Barbara is running a contest on her website http://www.barbarajhancock.com to win a beautiful silver bracelet! Visit her giveaway page for details on how to enter.



  1. I can honestly say I would be able too.

  2. Thanks for sharing your story Barbara. Very brave of you.

    Wilderness sounds wonderful. Congratulations on your debut!!!

  3. That’s awesome, Lou. It’s good to know a hero:) I’ll always be fascinated by bravery because I feel as if I didn’t have enough of it when I was younger! One of the reasons I love romance and paranormal romance, in particular, is because the genre gives me the perfect playground to explore how different men and women become heroes and heroines.

    Thanks for commenting~B.

  4. Love it! 😀 Highly recommend it!

  5. Barbara,

    I can’t wait to read it! I’m hoping I’ll have the money in Nov. to get it. I think when I go clothes shopping for an interview on Nov. 3

  6. Hey Barbara! Had to stop by and check out your blog! Good job girl! I totally enjoyed wilderness…and am looking forward to more stories in the incredible world you’ve created. Thanks so much for sharing a glimpse into your past and how you overcame your fear to become the “fearless” woman that you now are!

  7. Thanks to everybody. ..Lou, Jules, Bonnie, Tempest. . .it’s amazing how much easier it is to put words on paper when you’re crafting a story rather than writing a blog! But, it’s been wonderful to find that “braving” the internet has turned into a great opportunity to meet fellow readers and writers who share my addiction to paranormal romance!


  8. This sounds like an awesome book! I can’t wait to read it. Good luck and congrats on your debut.

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