Mindy Klasky’s Paranormal Chick Lit Finds a Home at Red Dress Ink

October 14, 2008

Author Mindy Klasky’s Jane Madison series combines chick lit and the paranormal — and found the perfect home in Harlequin’s Red Dress Ink imprint. Mindy tells us about her genre-bending heroine, librarian-turned-witch Jane Madison, whose adventures continue this month in Magic and the Modern Girl...

by Mindy Klasky, author of Magic and the Modern Girl

Jane Madison has a problem. Or two. Or three.

She’s working as a librarian, trapped in absurd period costumes and serving up expensive lattes, all in an effort to keep her employer’s budget in the black. She has a desperate crush on her Imaginary Boyfriend, a professor who regularly uses her library. Her doting grandmother is determined to reunite her with her long-absent mother. And now she’s been told that the library can’t pay her a well-deserved raise – instead, she can live for free in an ancient, dusty cottage on the library grounds.

When Jane settles into her new, allergen-infested home, she discovers a hidden chamber lined with ancient books – a world-class collection on witchcraft. She begins to read a spellbook, never suspecting that she has the power to work actual magic.”

When I created my proposal for the first volume of the Jane Madison Series, GIRL’S GUIDE TO WITCHCRAFT, I thought that I was preparing to write for Luna. I was truly excited by Harlequin’s fantasy line; I had read dozens of the books published by that imprint, and I was eager for my librarian-witch to join her Luna sisters.

Imagine my surprise when my editor thought Jane was more a Red Dress Ink kind of girl! RDI has always led the chicklit field – fun novels about women finding their place in the working world, juggling relationships with best friends, family, and boyfriends.

In other words, RDI was Jane Madison’s perfect home. Even if Jane’s story had strong elements of the fantastic. Even if Jane’s story flirted with paranormal romance. RDI was strong enough to take on my genre-skirting heroine.

Jane’s story has grown in the telling. In GIRL’S GUIDE, Jane meets her snarky familiar, along with her sometimes-overbearing astral warder. She learns how to use her powers, and she begins to understand the importance of being a witch. In SORCERY AND THE SINGLE GIRL, Jane confronts the Washington Coven, the snooty group of local witches that wants to control her powers. And in MAGIC AND THE MODERN GIRL – released October 1 – Jane struggles to regain her powers when they unexpectedly disappear.

RDI has let me write paranormal romance with a fun, light voice. Jane’s perils at her job, her struggles in the kitchen (she can’t even make a batch of brownies!), her search for the perfect man – all of those endearing challenges let her walk the line between the chicklit presence of Red Dress Ink and a more traditional paranormal romance line, such as Nocturne.

And now, looking back? I wouldn’t have it any other way!


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