Bestselling Author Sharon Sala’s Nocturne Novella

October 10, 2008

Near-death experiences can be life-altering…but in the Aftershock anthology from Silhouette Nocturne, they also give people special powers. New York Times bestselling author Sharon Sala tells us about “Penance”, her contribution to the collection…

by Sharon Sala, author of “Penance” in Aftershock

Doing an anthology with two of my dearest writer friends was a no-brainer. After all the years we’ve shared with the ups and downs of the business, getting to share a book cover was the best. And, writing for Silhouette Nocturne was another no-brainer for me, because I love the paranormal genre.

The title, AFTERSHOCK, refers to what happens to our characters after experiencing a near-death experience. They are left with a paranormal power they didn’t have before. The fear and confusion that comes with that premise made writing it even more intense.

In my story, my heroine survives a gunshot wound to the head. Beyond the obvious physical problems, the fact that she begins to “see” things happening, like a family in crisis, crimes being committed, etc., is horrifying to her. She wants to deny it, but after a time, comes to accept that what is happening to her isn’t going to go away.

The title for the story came about because, while she had been brought back to life in the hospital, she hadn’t been able to be thankful for still being alive, for focusing on what she’d lost – like memory, her ability to walk without staggering, many things that people with brain injuries often suffer. She comes to accept that her debt to a greater power is that the rest of her life will often revolve around helping others.

It was easy for me to write in this genre because I do believe there are people who gain these kinds of insights after near-death trauma and I have great admiration for people who are able to “see” what the rest of the world can not, although I do not envy them the burdens that come with it.

I have always enjoyed participating in anthologies, but this one will remain a favorite for many reason, not the least of which was sharing a book cover with two people for whom I hold great respect, admiration, and love. I hope you enjoy our stories as much as Debra Cowan, Janis Reams Hudson, and I enjoyed writing them for you.

Sharon Sala

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