Free Sample of Nocturne—Just in Time for Halloween!

September 30, 2008

To celebrate all things paranormal, throughout the month of October, we’re offering up a free novella by Silhouette Nocturne author Caridad Piñeiro.

To read the free novella, Desire Calls, click here. But be warned – it’s only available until the end of November!

When you’ve read the novella, please come back here to let us know what you think of the story:

  • Do you think Stacia and Blake are truly in love?
  • Is vampire love better than human love?
  • Do you see yourself as a Stacia or a Meghan?
  • Is Blake your type of paranormal hero? If not, what is your type?
  • We hope you were seduced by this passionate tale – and return to Nocturne to satisfy your thirst for more!



    1. […] Harlequin is giving away a free download of Caridad’s story Desire Calls. To get your copy go to their paranormal blog! […]

    2. Wow! It’s so exciting that this story is being offered! It’s one of my favorites and you’ll get to see Blake’s story in March 2009 in FURY CALLS. Also be on the lookout for my new Nocturne Bite titled HONOR CALLS in February 2009. As for Stacia . . .

      A character like that truly deserves her own story. ARDOR CALLS, which will take Stacia and THE CALLING down to South Beach for a change of pace, should be available in 2010!

      For more information on THE CALLING vampire novels, please drop by at http://www.thecallingvampirenovels.com

    3. Wow! What a hot story!! Thanks for an amazing free read. Can’t wait for more of your books.

    4. Oh how exciting! I simply adore Ms. Piñeiro’s “Call” (vampire/paranormal) series. 😀 I’m going to get my copy now. 😉

    5. Woot! I love Caridad’s writing and I’m so glad this is offered! Thanks HQN. 😀

    6. I thoroughly enjoyed Desire Calls. Do I think Stacia and Blake are in love? No, not yet but who knows if they push on and continue to see each other.

    7. Really amazing: I ignored there was any Harlequin for paranomal topic.

      Nice & funny idea.

    8. I’m so glad you guys enjoyed DESIRE CALLS. It’s one of my favorites in THE CALLING series! I’ll have another sexy and exciting novella for you in February with HONOR CALLS, a Nocturne Bite that you can get at eharlequin.com.

      ttys! 🙂

    9. Very cool Caridad, thanks for the heads up about your Nocturne Bite and other upcoming books!

    10. I think I would be more of a Meghan. I don’t think Blake and Stacia are in love. They both need someone who loves them for themselves – not just the great sex :>) I think there are a lot of similarities between Vampire love and human love – good and bad.
      Thanks for the novella.

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    12. […] 6) Don’t forget — our free novella Desire Calls by Caridad Piñeiro disappears after Halloween! […]

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