More Seductive Shifters from Karen Whiddon

August 1, 2008

Author Karen Whiddon gives us a tantalizing look at what’s to come in Dance of the Wolf, the latest book in her sexy miniseries The Pack from Silhouette Nocturne…

by Karen Whiddon, author of Dance of the Wolf

Shape-shifters being murdered. An upscale male strip club, for women clientele only (even though some of those women might be shape-shifters or vampires). A doctor on forced medical leave due to the drug addiction he’s recovering from, who also happens to be a shape-shifter looking for his best friend, who’s disappeared from this very same club, where he was working on the side.


I sure as heck was. When the story for DANCE OF THE WOLF occurred to me, I was understandably confused. I didn’t see how any of this fit in the world I’d created for my Pack. But Elena was insistent, as was Dr. Jared Gies, and as I wrote their story, they managed to surprise even me. Fun, for both the author and the reader. I hope you enjoy reading it.

I’ve written 8 Pack stories for Silhouette now and the people in The Pack continually take the stories in new directions. My Nocturne Bites MATE OF THE WOLF had a vampire hero. DANCE OF THE WOLF features the female owner of a male strip club and a wounded shape-shifter hero who’s more animal than he realizes.

The next book, tentatively titled WILD WOLF, is written and will be out in 2009. The heroine of this books is a feral shifter, and the hero has been sent to either rehabilitate her or exterminate her.

`Til next time!

–Karen Whiddon


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  1. Hi Karen,

    Let me say thank you for the great books!

    I found you for the first time last year on amazon, and I’ve been slowly building my collection (as budget allows).

    Writing down these titles so I don’t forget them. They sound as marvelous as the others I’ve read.

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