Author Karen Whiddon’s Sexy Shapeshifters

July 19, 2008

Karen Whiddon continues her popular series The Pack in not one but two stories this month: Mate of the Wolf, available now from Nocturne Bites, and Dance of the Wolf from Silhouette Nocturne (on sale early at eHarlequin.com). Here Karen talks about what readers can expect from her latest sexy paranormal short…

by Karen Whiddon, author of Mate of the Wolf

Wow – I can’t believe it’s July already. And now my Nocturne Bite MATE OF THE WOLF is out! You can expect a page-turning, sexy read in this short story. And this time, I’ve added a Vampire to the mix! My Pack characters often fall in love with humans, but never with a Vamp, so this book takes the story of the Pack in a new and completely different direction.

Writing this book was so much fun! The shorter format, combined with a hot male Vampire inspired me to sit down and write non-stop. I wrote the entire book over a three or four day period, intense writing – and I loved it! I love the story, the characters, the heat, the premise, everything! While it was challenging to show character development in a short story, I love stretching my writing wings. I started thinking of other paranormal beings and how they might mix in my Pack world.

While MATE OF THE WOLF is completely separate from DANCE OF THE WOLF (My Nocturne out in August), I am constantly seeking new ways to test my Pack people, to expand their world. My hero in DANCE, Shapeshifter Dr. Jared Gies, is a recovering drug addict. My heroine owns a male strip club. Talk about stretching their boundaries!

Since I have many more Pack stories to tell, I’d like to know what you, the readers, think? Do you like the idea of intermingling shapeshifters with other paranormal beings? Do you think Vampires have been done to death <G>? Let me know, as I need to develop a couple more Nocturne proposals.

I hope you enjoy reading Mate of the Wolf as much as I enjoyed writing it!






  1. Hi Karen,
    I loved your nocturne bites. I’ve just recently started reading paranromal from Silhouette. Though I’ve always been a fan of Amanda Ashley. I’m also working on my own nocturne bite. I’m hoping to be able to pull off that dark, sexy read everyone loves. I can’t wait to read you Dance of the Wolf.

  2. Been a longtime fan of the Pack series since the days it was with Silhoutte Romance. You write some sexy heros:)

    Are vampires done to death? In some cases, yes. Others, no. I think it is all about being fresh and having a new twist. Caridad Pineiro’s vampires are great. I love her mix of characters and the situations are far from the boring Anne Rice wanna-be vampire style type of writers out there.

    Shifters in particular I think have always been under represented in the market. Rebecca York’s Moon series shifters are amazing and the plots very different. She mixs hers up with interdimensions.

    Gena Showalter’s Playing with Fire has a whole cast and crew of superheroes, one of which is a jaguar shifter. He gets w/ a heroine who has elemental powers.

    I have written a novella for another imprint called Heart of the Nile that has cats and dog shifters who mate. I like the mix and think it adds variety.

    I’m subbing a similar novella to Nocturne Bites and hoping they like the obviously so wrong for each other species.

    Sorry I couldn’t better answer your question. But I look forward to reading anything new by you. I’ll have to check out Mate of the Wolf.

    Reading Lisa Renee Jone’s Return of the Beast. Have to love her take on bloodsucking demons.

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