Author Catherine Asaro’s Magical Romance

July 14, 2008

Catherine Asaro is a true Renaissance woman: she’s a scientist, former ballerina, mother, and award-winning fantasy and science fiction author! We asked Catherine a couple questions about her latest novel, The Nightbird, a romantic fantasy from Luna Books.

by Catherine Asaro, author of The Nightbird

1) How does is this book fit in with the rest of your series The Lost Continent?

This book is a stand alone, which means it isn’t necessary to read any others to follow what’s going on. The Nightbird, The Fire Opal, and The Dawn Star all take place at roughly the same time in the universe of the Lost Continent, but the main characters are different in each book.  So it isn’t a sequel.

However, some characters from other books appear in this one, too.  Readers of previous books will recognize Cobalt and Mel, Jarid and Iris.  Muller makes a appearance.  But in this book, you’ll see all those characters from a new viewpoint, that of Allegra, the heroine in Nightbird.  Since she is meeting them all for the first time, it’s as if they’re new characters.  Because, of course, they’re new to her!  And intimidating, especially Cobalt, who is now the conquering emperor of the settled lands.

I talk more about how it fits together in a television interview I did for the public tv program called Fast Forward.  It’s up at http://www.fast-forward.tv/blog/

2) How is it different from some the previous books?

This one is sexier than the others.  🙂  Also, bigger in scope.  Neither Allegra nor the hero, Markus, have appeared in any of the other books.  Markus was mentioned briefly in The Dawn Star, but he never had a scene there.  In this book, his scenes heat up the story.

The main character in the book, Allegra, doesn’t consider herself sexy, though.  She thinks she’s fat.  And boring.  She considers herself “just a dairy maid.”  The hero feels very differently.  (He uses the word voluptuous.  :-D)  Which could have been nice, except that Markus is so alpha, Allegra is ready to dump a kettle of fish on his head.  But she’s definitely a match for him.

Allegra came to me out of the way so many of us consider ourselves unattractive.  Our own culture is saturated with these impossible ideals of female “beauty.”  Super models can be so thin, it makes me uncomfortable to see them. I wanted to write a story about a character who was beautiful, sensual, and desirable, even though she didn’t see herself that way.

I hope readers enjoy her story, and the sweep of events that surrounds her.  I enjoyed writing this story.  The people and the places really came alive for me.




  1. I really enjoy the writing of Asaro and the covers are gorgeous. I’m looking forward to reading this one as well.

  2. uh…. this woman on the cover page is VOLUPTOUS? Damn, I knew that I was being generous with my body fat perceptions 😀

  3. I love that cover. It’s just gorgeous. I did imagine her as “curvier,” but, hey, we can’t see all of her!

    The way she looks on the cover is the way the hero sees her. 😀


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