Author Kat Martin’s Aliens in Love!

June 24, 2008

How do you mix romantic suspense with alien abduction? NYT bestselling paranormal romantic suspense author Kat Martin discusses the inspiration behind her newest book, Season of Strangers (MIRA)…

By Kat Martin, author of Season of Strangers

I’ve always been interested in U.F.O’s. When a story began in my head that dealt with unidentified flying objects and alien abduction, I told myself I didn’t dare chance writing something like that. But as with all intriguing tales, it kept nagging and nagging until I had to put it down on paper.

And so it was that my newest paranormal romantic suspense, Season of Strangers came about.
I did a ton of research for this book. I dug out the latest information on space travel and how close we are to being able to leap through hyper-space, as a UFO would do. The information on alien abduction was spine-chilling and entirely too believable. More reason to write the book!

Over the years, I have written a number of romantic suspense novels based on the idea of ordinary women who have extraordinary experiences. In my current series, that is what happens to social worker, Elizabeth Conner, in Scent of Roses, a ghost story; and also to Autumn Sommers in The Summit, when she begins to dream about a lost little girl.

In Season of Strangers, Julie Ferris, a real estate agent, discovers that she and her sister are missing several hours of time. When Laura begins having bouts of paranoia and begins to claim she was abducted by aliens, Julie thinks her hypochondriac sister has gone completely out of her mind.

Then odd things begin to happen. Most striking, the mysterious, life-altering change Julie’s sinfully handsome boss, Patrick Donovan, a dedicated womanizer heavily involved in drugs and alcohol, makes practically overnight.

Such a drastic change seems almost humanly impossible. Surely it was the heart attack his cocaine use brought on. Or is Laura right and a man from outer space is using Patrick’s body?

It is all wildly disturbing, and to make matters worse, Julie is falling in love with this new Patrick. As their relationship deepens, Julie begins to ask herself–am I losing her heart? Or my mind?

I always write lots of sex and romance in my stories and in that way, this one is no different. It is, however, a wild and unusual story. I would like to read more of these outer space adventures. Does anyone out there agree?




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  1. I really enjoyed this book, but Kat Martin needs a new editor. Way too many typos.

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