Author Lisa Renee Jones’s Demon-Hunter Cowboys!

June 9, 2008

Demon-hunters + Cowboys = hot paranormal romance! Lisa Renee Jones, author of the Knights of White miniseries from Silhouette Nocturne, shares the inspiration behind her latest title, Return of the Beast (Silhouette Nocturne Bites)…

By Lisa Renee Jones, author of Return of the Beast and Beast of Darkness

When my editor called me about writing a Nocturne Bite, I was in a UHAUL moving from Texas to New York. Leaving Texas behind was an emotional roller coaster, and during the drive, I was replaying in my head all the things I was going to miss about my home state. So it was easy to say, I wanted this Nocturne Bite to be ALL TEXAS, and it seemed only appropriate that my Nocturne Bite feature a REAL COWBOY — I have learned they don’t have many of them in New York! I am amazed at how cowboy-deficient this state is! Boy, am I glad I have my Texas memories to cling to!

And from those memories came Return of the Beast, my June Nocturne Bite. Return of the Beast features a hero nicknamed “Ryder,” a name he was given for his ability to tame even the wildest of horses. Ryder works as the horse trainer at the Brownsville, Texas, horse ranch that The Knights of White use as a cover for their Demon-hunting operation. Something inside Ryder tells him to go home, back to Round Rock, Texas, where he first became a Knight of White, to the place he himself was attacked by a Demon. It is here that he finds the Demons are again preying on innocents, and one of those innocents is a woman who will change his life. Ryder is about to be tamed — if he dares allow such a thing!

Of course, the entire Knights of White series is based upon the Texas Legend of Matamoros Monsters, aka Demons. You can find that legend at http://www.theknightsofwhite.com/the-legend/. Texas is at the heart of the Knights of White, and that will never change, because much of my heart is still in Texas as well. In fact, my July Nocturne, Beast of Darkness, takes place in the haunted Texas town called “Nowhere.” The hero is a three-hundred-year-old, Harley-loving, bad boy, with roots in England, but who now calls Texas home.

Beast of Darkness is a wild ride, complete with ghosts, Demons, magic, and a whole lot of action-packed danger. Add a really hot romance, and it is perhaps my favorite Nocturne to date that I have written. That said, the fun thing about writing a Nocturne Bite, from a writer’s perspective, was the chance to do something a little different and focus more on the romance and characterizations and let those things drive the story. I really had fun writing Return of the Beast, and I hope readers will enjoy it, too!

As for the future of The Knights of White – Book 4 is CAPTIVE BY THE BEAST. The hero, Rinehart, travels to a secret military island to save a group of humans with XMEN-type gifts that the Beasts hope to clone for their own use. This story will leave you with a slight cliffhanger related to the characters in the next book BEAST OF FIRE. BEAST OF FIRE will give away major secrets regarding Marisol and Rock’s story, and yes, they will FINALLY get their story in book 6 – tentatively titled HEALED BY THE BEAST!

I really hope you enjoy Return of the Beast, and I can’t believe it but Beast of Darkness will go live on the Harlequin page June 1 as well!

Here’s wishing you many an exciting summer read!

~Lisa Renee Jones



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  1. Since I’m following this series all the way, I’m so glad the Rock will finally get his story. I’m just sorry that I’ll have to wait until the end to read it. I can’t wait to read Beast Of Darkness. It should be here this week. Thank you for writing this series. I stay up all night reading them. I can’t seem to put them down.
    All the best, Madeline

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