Author Lori Devoti, unbound: hellhounds and valkyries, oh my!

June 3, 2008

We asked Lori Devoti, author of  Wild Hunt, the third in the Unbound series from Silhouette Nocturne, about what readers can expect from book three, and what inspires her as a paranormal romance writer…

By Lori Devoti, author of Wild Hunt (Silhouette Nocturne)

What can readers expect from this novel? Romeo and Juliet. It’s that simple and far more complicated.

Wild Hunt  is the story of two individuals (Venge and Geysa) who are fated to be enemies because of what they are—hellhound and Valkyrie. Beyond their historic differences are their opposite goals. Geysa wants to stop the Wild Hunt because it killed her mother. Venge wants to control the Hunt so he can kill his father. Two more opposite goals and motivations couldn’t exist, but at their core Venge and Geysa are very similar. Neither feels they “fit” with their own kind. Neither loves or really accepts who they are, and both need someone who does accept them, who can appreciate them for themselves—see them, not as a Valkyrie or as a hellhound.

So, Wild Hunt is the story of Romeo and Juliet and self-acceptance. Maybe all of my books are about self-acceptance…I’d have to think about that!

Wild Hunt is also the continuing story of the Unbound world. Characters from books one and two reappear, and we learn a bit of what has happened in their lives. We learn more about hellhounds in general, how they live and get along (or not) as a group. We also meet two strong all-female beings, Valkyries and Norn, and get a bit of a glimpse into their world. And perhaps my favorite part of the book, we get to see the Wild Hunt in action and witness the Valkyries in all their original glory gather forces to stop it.

Wild Hunt is probably my favorite of the three books so far in this series. And I think that boils down to characters. They care intensely about protecting the things they love (or come to discover they love). It made me love them in return. I hope it does the same to you.

I have been reading fantasy novels my entire adulthood. However, I think my influences for the Unbound series started way before that–stuck in the backseat of a Ford Galaxie on a sticky hot Southern Missouri night while my parents watched Charles Bronson, John Wayne, and Clint Eastwood on the big drive-in screen. I can even think of a few episodes of Gunsmoke (on a much smaller screen) that stuck with me.

This may seem like a strange reply since I do not write Westerns (although Wild Hunt is set in an old west ghost town), but to me the Unbound world isn’t really about the “Nine Worlds,” and hellhounds and dark elves—it’s about the characters and the bigger than life sacrifices they are willing to make to do what they see as right. It’s about emotional intensity. It’s about caring for someone or something besides yourself. That to me is the Unbound world—and it wouldn’t exist if I hadn’t grown up knowing that sometimes you have to willing to challenge someone to “make your day” because some things are just that important.





  1. I loved Wild Hunt, it was my favorite so far. I reviewed it at my blog and I want more of these books! 😀

  2. Thanks, Ashley!

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