Author Gena Showalter’s Great Beginnings

May 15, 2008

How do you write a great opening to your paranormal romance novel? NYT author Gena Showalter shares what has worked for her Lords of the Underworld series…

By Gena Showalter, author of The Darkest Fire, The Darkest Night, The Darkest Kiss, The Darkest Pleasure, and many more!

The opening paragraph of a book is, perhaps, a writer’s one and only chance to hook her reader into the story. Perhaps that’s why I went back and forth with the beginning pages of The Darkest Night, The Darkest Kiss and The Darkest Pleasure. I love these dark, seductive books, the world and characters I’ve created, the mythology I’ve played with, and wanted my readers to love them, too. But sometimes it’s hard to paint a scene, show a bit of characterization, and convey a sense of what’s to come with only a few words. Hopefully, after all my vacillating, I’ve done that! Here’s a peek at the first paragraph of chapter one in each of the books mentioned above:

The Darkest Night — May 1, 2008

Every night Death came, slowly, painfully, and every morning Maddox awoke in bed, knowing he’d have to die again later. That was his greatest curse and his eternal punishment.

The Darkest Kiss — June 1, 2008

Anya, goddess of Anarchy, daughter of Lawlessness, and dealer of disorder, stood on the edge of a crowded dance floor. All of the dancers were human females, beautiful and nearly naked, chosen specifically by the Lords of the Underworld to provide the night’s entertainment. Both vertical and horizontal.

The Darkest Pleasure — July 1, 2008

Reyes stood on the roof of his Budapest fortress, five stories up, his feet balanced precariously on the highest ledge. Above him, moonlight seeped red and yellow from the sky, blood mixed with fickle gold, dark mixed with light, wounds freshly cut in the endless expanse of black velvet.

I hope you enjoy reading about these Lords of the Underworld, immortal warriors who opened Pandora’s box and found themselves cursed to carry a demon inside themselves, as I enjoyed writing about them!

For more information, you can visit http://www.lordsoftheunderworld.net


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