Author Patrice Michelle on Free Will vs Destiny

May 13, 2008

Does prophecy equal destiny? Patrice Michelle talks about her SCIONS trilogy from Silhouette Nocturne and how it explores the notion of predestiny versus free will…

By Patrice Michelle, author of Scions: Insurrection

The definition of “Prophecy” is as follows: Prophecy is the prediction of future events or the speaking of divine words (divine Revelation) through chosen human messengers (prophets).

When I sat down to write my Scions trilogy, each story was intended to stand alone, but I wanted to make sure all three stories were also tied together, not just through the characters’ interacting in their own story and then returning to play roles in future books, but through unveiling bits and pieces of an underlying prophecy that comes to light as each story progresses. Not only does the prophecy act as a running subplot to the overall trilogy story arc, but what I liked about working with a prophecy goes back to the definition I gave above.

Once the characters in book one, Scions: Resurrection , discover the prophecy’s relevance to them, it’s now up to the characters in book two, Scions: Insurrection, to work their way through the meaning behind the prophecy as it relates to them.   In writing these two books and then the final one in the trilogy, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed exploring the concept of destiny versus will.

What do I mean by that? Well, a prophecy is a prediction of the future, but does that mean that the outcome is predestined? Does one have a choice? Or do the people, who are flawed and fallible, with their own motivations and desires, bend the prophecy to their will by their own perceptions and ultimate actions? Or is it a combination thereof?

That’s what the underlying core of my SCIONS trilogy is about–not only are these books action-oriented, sexy romances with a mystery to solve, but they’re about how following one’s strong beliefs and “desire” to make things happen collides with the normal course of nature. The result is a learning curve of collaboration and cooperation, where the characters are forced to make choices and decisions that will hopefully leave them in a better place at the conclusion of their own personal stories as well as the over-arching trilogy storyline once it’s finally revealed in the third book SCIONS: REVELATION.

I hope you’ll check out my books and follow my characters’ adventures, discovering the answers to life and love in their dark, dangerous and seductive SCIONS world right along with them.

All the best, Patrice Michelle

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