Author Michele Hauf’s Sexy Familiar Meets Hot Werewolf

May 8, 2008

What is a familiar, and why would she fear having sex with a werewolf? Michele Hauf, launch author for Nocturne Bites, explains…

By Michele Hauf, author of Racing the Moon

My latest short story, Racing the Moon, features a sexy alpha werewolf on a desperate race against the full moon to put himself safely away from anyone who could be harmed when the beast inside him emerges. Unfortunately — or rather, fortunately for romance fans — his car breaks down and he’s stranded alone with a sexy familiar who would love to help him keep the werewolf at bay with a little sexual healing, but she doesn’t want to release deadly demons in the process.

Sound interesting? Confusing? What the heck is a familiar, you ask? And why the demons?

My concept of familiars begins with the age-old myth of a cat being a witch’s familiar. Centuries ago, women suspected of being witches were often accused of being in league with the devil if they had a pet cat. They were hung for the offense, and the cat could even be burned alive or strangled.

Whew! I’m glad I didn’t live hundreds of years ago. I love my two cats (Sebastian and Toast). And even though there are days when I suspect they may be in league with the dark forces, I feel privileged to have them in my life.

So I took the cat as familiar idea and morphed it into a shape-shifting human (most often females) whose main purpose is for bridging demons from the dark realm into the mortal realm. How is that done, you wonder? Well, the familiar (in human shape) must be receptive to allowing the demon to come through her body and manifest — which means that familiar needs to be completely and utterly sexually sated. Are you beginning to see where major complications could come into play when the familiar finds a man she really loves and wants to have sex with him? 

It would be cruel of me to curse my familiars with this awful side effect all the time. So naturally a familiar has nine lives. The first life is all about learning to master the bridging. By about life number three or four, they’ve become experts at controlling their craft, and sex doesn’t have to result in the sudden appearance of a horned nasty thing. But the heroine of Racing the Moon is still experiencing her first life, and she hasn’t mastered the art of bridging demons.

Do you think a werewolf will be scared off by a few demons? Heck, can a wolf even get along with a cat? I hope you’ll check out the story to learn more!

So what kind of paranormal heroines would you like to see that haven’t been done yet? Have you read about familiars before? If you’re curious, I’ve an excerpt of the first chapter available at my website. Also look for updates and upcoming releases at my blog.





  1. Hey Michele! I read it last night… excellent! 😀

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