Author Sharon Sala’s Healing Dreams

April 22, 2008

What inspires an author to write a paranormal plot? Bestselling author Sharon Sala talks about the dream and the love that were her inspiration for the paranormal elements in her latest novel, The Healer

By Sharon Sala, author of The Healer

The Healer was a dream. It started with a wolf bringing a baby into an Alaskan hunting camp. I wish I could tell you why and where these “dreams” come from, but I can’t. All I know is that I’m forever grateful for them.

My fiance, Bobby, who died in June of 2005 used to talk about Alaska all the time. He, along with thousands of other men back in the 1970s, helped lay the Alaska pipeline. His stories about the tundra and the hardy people who called it home were fascinating to me.

He used to say he was going to take me back to Alaska some day and show me all the places he’d come to love. He was Native American of the Muscogee (Creek) Indians and told me so many things about the Inuit people of Alaska that he identified with.

His stories and my dream became one book, The Healer. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I loved writing it.

-Sharon Sala




  1. The Healer is in my TBR stack. It sounds utterly fascinating, and I can’t think of a single book with a similar premise. I’m looking forward to reading it.

  2. The Healer was my first read by Sharon Sala. I am absolutely hooked. Wonderful book.I am 65 years old and it is the first book I have ever read to cause tears of joy at the end. Its one of the books you do not want to end. FABLOUS!!!

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