Vampires Done to Death?

March 31, 2008

By Jenny B, Digital Content Manager

Is it time to kill the vampire hero? I was catching up on my blog reading and I saw this interesting post over at Dear Author.  In passing, the writer comments on the relative popularity of the vampire as alpha hero:

Aren’t vampires on their way out? I can’t read another vampire story. I’m into shifters and in a poll I had a few weeks ago, shifters were preferred 3 to 1 over vamps.

Is this true? Are you over vampires as heroes? If so, what are you into now?



  1. I asked my teenager what kinds of creatures she wants to see more of in YA books and she said vampires–all her friends agreed. They can’t get enough of them. 🙂

  2. Like anything, the ‘sub-genre’ of vampire fiction will have a life-cycle. But I can’t see vampires (or werewolves) being totally *out*. Maybe people will set them aside for a while and chase after the next thrilling chilling whatever, but vampires have been around for a long time, made a strong comeback, and have a lot to offer. You could almost make them a ‘class’ of hero archetype at this point. I know I will always sit down to read a new twist on the theme. I hope others feel the same.

    How many of the other types of romances are there? Do the die-hard fans ever get tired of the swash-buckling pirate or the pent-up duke? The rogue-ish highlander? The gun-slinging cowboy? The rich corporate suit? Nope. They want more. I think/hope that fang-junkies will prove to be the same.

    In my mind, story trumps all – so as long as it’s told in a way that sweeps me into a new exciting world, I’m game!

  3. I’m still a vamp lover. I write them too, so I don’t think they are dead, but the market isn’t as favorable for them. They’ll rise again. No pun intended. 😉

  4. everything goes in cycles. to me a great story is a great story whether there are vamps, shifters, ghosts, whatever…. or not.

  5. Well, I don’t go out of my way to read vampire stories. But if a vampire book is getting rave reviews here in romanceland then I will pick it up and read it.

  6. Vampire novels have always been around, and always will be. They may fade out for a little while, but I agree with everyone here, they’ll always come back! 🙂

  7. Please, enough already with all the overload on the vampire stories. I pick up a book and put it right back on the self if it is about another blood sucker story.

    Would love to read more books about other planets and alien romances. Gena Showalter has written some kick ass great stories along those lines. Want to see more like that.

  8. I haven’t been that psyched over vamp story in quite a while, not counting Ward’s Black Dagger crew. Those guys, pfftt, they’re so much more than a vamp species now. Their vampiness isn’t even a central part of the story at this point. It’s all about the agnst and who can up-angst the other. Not that that’s bad. Har.

    I don’t think that means I’ll never find another vamp book/series that will rock my oh hell yeah. And I seriously doubt we’ll ever not have vamp heroes or characters. There’s always another new rising author that’ll blow us away next.

    At the moment I am full on paranormaling. Grimspace by Ann Aguirre, some Linnea Sinclair, a bit of Susan Grant, Mark Henry, and the list goes on. Thank goodness Harris’s next Sookie will be out soon. Those are my kinda vamps.

  9. I get tired of just one type; I like mixtures, especially how they interact with the other dark beings.

  10. I think if the premise is fresh, the characters are compelling, then the protangonists can be any type of creature under the sun, moon, or ground and fans of the paranormal will continue to read them.

  11. I still love vampires. I do like how some of the authors have written about vampires but have done so in a different way. They are not your normal everyday Dracula. Example of authors: Kerrelyn Sparks (adds humor to the vampire genre), Lara Adrian (descended from aliens), J.R. Ward to just name a few. They changed the typical vampire into a whole different ball game. I do love the different aspects of the pararnormal romance. But vampires started it all for me and I will continue to read them.

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