Update on writing opportunity!

February 27, 2008

By Jenny B, Digital Content Manager

I know you’re all keen to know more about the new program of digital-only stories, Nocturne Bites, and since I just came from an update meeting I thought I’d share a few spoilers with you!

The tagline will be “dark, sexy, and not quite human”. 

The launch author will be the marvelous Michele Hauf !

The first one will be available May 1st!

And, best of all, the editors are most definitely looking for new talent to fill out the roster!!

So, get writing!



  1. Thank you for the update and Michelle is a fantastic author.

    Tambra Kendall
    Celtic Love Knots Vol. 9 by Tambra Kendall is made up of two wonderfully written stories. The way the author presents the story will have the reader swept away into a whole new world. Beth, PNR Reviews

  2. Awesome! *g* I can’t wait! I listed Ms. Hauf’s “From the Dark” in my Thursday 13 Favorite Nocturnes.

  3. Thanks, Jenny B.

    Is there any firm word on pay rates and on whether Harlequin is really buying all rights for this line? (I’m a full-time professional writer, but I’d post something on my website for free before I’d sell all rights.)

    Thank you very much.


  4. Carrie, I really can’t say; the best way to find out is to just send a query email to nocturnebites@harlequin.ca so the editors can respond to your questions directly.

    Hope this helps!
    Jenny B

  5. Thanks, Jenny!

  6. I found the Nocturnebites specification via the Harlequin website. I was so excited I ran off and write the first of a potential series. I sent it off and held my breath. Now, I have read some of the examples given on the harlequin advice for writers section and I think I may have gone a tad overboard with the dark and steamy sex. But I don’t really know. I have another idea for a series which I would like to write but I don’t want to blow it by overwriting the romance. Do you have any advice on the level of romance/sex required.

    Also, I would like to compliment Harlequin on their procedure. As a writer, who is dying to call herself a professional author, I have found it really hard to break into the publishing market. It is really demoralising to receive constant rejections from agents who say that the writing is great but publishers won’t be interested in the concept. At least Harlequin lets its authors know the dimensions of the stories it wants. I hope that I have finally found a home. I will continue to try to write to meet the requirements.

  7. Katherine, thanks for your comments! I’m really glad to know that you find the writing guidelines helpful.

    As for the level of romance/sex — have you tried emailing a general query to the nocturnebites@harlequin.ca email address? That way the editors can respond to your question directly.

    Best of luck with your submissions now and in the future!


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