Lindsay McKenna’s Paranormal Romance Quest!

February 4, 2008

By Lindsay McKenna 

There are two things I’ve always wanted to write about: love stories and my paranormal experiences.

For my new series, which began with UNFORGIVEN (Silhouette Nocturne, October 2006), and continued on with DARK TRUTH (Silhouette Nocturne, July 2007) and now THE QUEST, I am exploring the fascinating universe of the Inca and their beliefs about light and heavy energy. And I believe you may find them interesting as well! But, there is more to this series and it comes from reality!

I saw an interest in paranormal books coming in 1998. As an astrologer, I saw the stars changing in the heavens and I knew that finally, paranormal would catch fire with the readers! In 1999 I published my first paranormal, HEART OF THE JAGUAR (Silhouette). And it stayed two weeks on the USA Today bestseller list, much to my surprise and pleasure. That told me that readers were hungry for paranormal. And I began to write about it in my Black Jaguar series, as well as in my Morgan’s Mercenaries novels.

When I was asked to write the launch book for Silhouette Nocturne I already had a book three-quarters written, and I was ready to move completely into pure paranormal. That book was UNFORGIVEN, the first Silhouette Nocturne. I had been nursing this book for three years on the back burner and knew some day, that it would be published. But, I had no idea it would be a launch book! That’s such a rarified atmosphere an author never dreams of being chosen for such an effort. Lucky for me, this was my second launch book (the other was for Silhouette Bombshell).

I wanted to do some “world building” and had come up with the “Warriors for the Light” idea. I wanted to take my Native American blood and knowledge and combine it with my many journeys to South America and in particular, Peru, to bring this concept to life. The people of South America are right-brained and live in daily magic versus North American people who are left brained and stick to rationale and logic only. I wanted to show this interesting difference between two continents separated by an isthmus.

Most people feel like we’re at the end of something. In the Maya text 2012 is known as “the end of time as we know it.” For me, it doesn’t mean the end of the world; it simply means that there are huge changes coming (and don’t we see them in process right now?). In Peru, the Inca belief system says there are two mighty entities in our world: light and dark. Light energy is said to be just that — people feel “light.” The heavy energy is called “hoocha” and is said to weigh people down. People carrying hoocha within them feel like they are carrying a lot of weight around, literally or figuratively speaking. The Inca don’t assign “good” or “bad” to anything. From their vantage point, all humans have “hoocha” and it’s just a question of how much or how little. Spiritual evolvement and working in one’s heart demands we have less hoocha; therefore, become people of the “light.”

In Lima, Peru, there is the Museum of Gold. There are soldiers in plain clothes at the opening to this museum which houses many Inca treasures taken from burial sites found around Peru. They carry M-16 rifles and there is concertina wire on top of the stucco wall. The sign said: no cameras. So, I didn’t take one in for fear of being shot by one of those mean looking soldiers.

My friend, who remains anonymous for good reason, did take her camera in and she shot a photo that inspired and triggered my imagination. In the Museum of Gold there is an incredible area under glass of all kinds of emerald ceremonial and fashionable jewelry worn by the Incas.

In one case was an eleven spherical emerald necklace with gold spacers between them. Now, these emeralds were the size of GOLF BALLS!! I kid you not. And they were nearly clear which is rare for emeralds. And, on top of that, each emerald had to be cut and hand-sanded to make it rounded. The energy coming off that necklace was just astounding. I must have stood over that case for ten minutes mesmerized by it and the energy exuding from it like a thousand suns.

This Incan prize became the “Emerald Key Necklace” that is in my series. As you read the books… just realize that I have done an awful lot of on-location research and anything you read in there isn’t always fiction, but comes from real life.

Oh, by the way, the reason I’m not telling you who took this photo is because you can get thrown into prison for having it… so I remain mum. Seeing this incredible Incan emerald necklace has inspired my new series, Warriors for the Light. I’m thrilled that Silhouette Nocturne loves the series as much as I do.

In THE QUEST, the search for seven emeralds that were scattered around the world long ago, heads to southwestern England. The Inca legend goes that the seven golf-ball-sized emerald spheres were taken off the necklace and distributed to different sacred/powerful places around the world. The person who finds all seven and restrings them and wears it will either bring a thousand years of peace — or war. And of course, our villain is from Peru, a mighty sorcerer. These powerful men and women love hoocha or heavy energy. They too, are after the emerald spheres. If they find them first and wear the fabled necklace, the world will be plunged into a thousand years of war — but hey, those who love hoocha or heavy energy, just love war!

If any of you are fans of crop circles, you will find more truth than fiction in this book. I took another friend, Michele Burdet of Switzerland, with me to check out the crop circles: up front and personal. We spent a week going through three different ones that had just formed. And in THE QUEST, you get to experience what I did. Crop circles are not new — we’ve had them throughout history. And they have formed in just about every country in the world over time.

Every book in this series will take you to known sacred places of great power. I hope you enjoy experiencing these powerful and magical areas of our Earth. My next book will take place at the Great Serpent Mound in Ohio. I had an incredible experience there — almost died!!

But that is another book for another day! Join me and my Warriors for the Light as we shed “light” on these incredible places upon our Earth. Who knows? Some may be right next door to where you live!!

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