My journey to writing paranormal romance

January 23, 2008

By Lori Devoti, author of Guardian’s Keep

When I first heard about Silhouette Nocturne I knew I wanted to write for it, but at the time it seemed like a long shot for me. I read a ton of dark paranormal and I am a major fantasy reader, but everything I had written at that point was light. I went so far as to say I couldn’t do dark.

But I wanted to, so I tried. I started out with what I saw as a sexy and unique shape-shifting creature, hellhounds. Then I tried to put everything into that first book that I loved about what I think of as traditional romances — the intense alpha hero, who doesn’t take guff from anyone — but I also wanted to write books where the heroine is strong — she may not think she is in the beginning, but she is and the hero knows it. No alpha heroes talking down to the heroines in my world.

As I built my world, things started to grow. I realized my characters really lived in a modern world based on Norse mythology. I discovered lots of fun and dangerous beings in this mythology, one of which I also saw as having hero potential — the Garm. Garm are wolf shapeshifters, but not werewolves.  They don’t “catch” shapeshifting from a bite or wound, and they aren’t ruled by phases of the moon. They are just shapeshifters, just as hellhounds are hellhounds, and elves are elves.

As I continue to write new Silhouette Nocturne books, I learn more and more about my world. And I love taking existing myths and updating them into modern versions. In Guardian’s Keep I used the myth of Fenrir, a mighty Garm feared by the gods themselves. I gave him a family and a motivation that wasn’t talked about in Norse mythology (although that doesn’t mean it wasn’t there, right?).

In my upcoming June 2008 Nocturne title, Wild Hunt, I visit the myth of the wild hunt, in which hellhounds are spectral beings that hunt down humans and drag them off to hell… or wherever the being running the hunt wants to take them.

I invent places and beings and powers. There are no limits. What more could a writer ask for?



  1. I’ve often thought the Nocturne books are some of the best paranormal writing out there on the market. Tight writing, intriguing characters and wonderful story lines. I’ll have to pick up Guardian’s Keep. I’ve started to develop a hunger for books with Norse mythology as a key ingredient.

    We recently ran an article on runes at the Midnight Moon Cafe, and now I’m hooked. LOL.

    All the best,

  2. Thanks, Cassandra. I hope you enjoy Guardian’s Keep. 🙂
    Actually in Wild Hunt I introduce a Norn character (like the Fates in Celtic myth). She reads runes. I’d like to do a book that delved more into the Norns and runes. In fact I was doing a little rune shopping on the Internet this weekend!

  3. Borders in Puerto Rico is no longer bringing Silhouette Nocturne, so I’m glad at least I can download them online. I love Silhouette Nocturne! They feed my addiction for paranormal romances. *lol*

    I can’t wait to get your story, Lori! 🙂

  4. I’m looking forward to Wild Hunt!

  5. I was a huge fan of Harlequin’s earlier dark paranormal series, Shadows. But I think it was before it’s time really. Therefore, I am so glad to see Nocturne doing so well and people finally appreciating darker paranormal stories. I love both dark and light paranormals. In fact, if the story doesn’t have a paranormal twist to it, I don’t read it anymore. Regular stories just got boring for me.

  6. I have recently discovered the Nocturne line and love it! It has been hard but I have managed to go back and get most if not all of the line! I can’t wait for Wild Hunt to come out!

  7. “What more could a writer ask for?”

    Intravenous chocolate. Well, I live in hope.

    Congratulations on the launch of the new blog as well as the release of Guardian’s Keep. Break a keyboard. 😉

  8. Thanks everybody!

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