Christmas for Vampire Lovers Part Two!

December 21, 2007

By Maureen Child

When I was a kid, my Irish grandmother told me stories about Banshees, Pookas, the Little People and Fairy Rings. The “other side” was as real as the ordinary world and to me, a lot more interesting! My southern grandmother told me stories too, of family members who came back from the dead to reassure those left behind. Of what it felt like to be in the bayou at midnight, how the veil between this world and the next seemed fragile enough for the unwary to step through.

Not surprising then, that I grew up to love everything paranormal. Ghost stories, witches, demons, and sure, vampires. (Who didn’t fall in love with Angel and Spike, for example?)

Writing for Silhouette Nocturne is a real treat for me. I get to indulge my love in things otherworldly and I’m given opportunities to do some really exciting stuff — such as being in the Christmas Vampire duet with Caridad Piniero.

HOLIDAY WITH A VAMPIRE was my first step into the land of fangs. And since this was a Christmas story to boot, I decided to go with the idea of a vampire unhappy with his existence and give him a little miracle.

Grayson Stone goes home at Christmas. To the place where he died. Only to find the abandoned farmhouse is now owned by Theresa Franklin, a woman who, just like Gray, is trying to hide from the life she hates.

Together, these two unlikely lovers, find a Christmas miracle that neither of them had dared hope for.

Here’s wishing all you readers and lovers of paranormal romance your own Christmas miracle this holiday season!

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