Paranormal Romance: “super hot nookie with supernatural boys”

November 23, 2007

By Jenny B

I love, love, love this post on why readers love paranormal romance by one of my favorite blogs, Dear Author. I think she’s hit the nail on the head with her observations as to what makes paranormal romance such a compelling read:

“Of course, the obvious reason that readers love the paranormal/fantasy is that it is about super hot nookie with supernatural boys. However, underneath all the super nookie and super boys is the layering of strong emotional elements. … Without a strong emotional conflict, all the lust in the world for undead hotties would crumble like a vampire in the sun. Emotional conflict is the bailiwick of romances and paranormals/fantasies with the centuries old loss magnify the emotional conflict.”

Very succinctly and eloquently summarizes why, for me at least, paranormal romances have such powerful emotional resonance — the enduring romance themes of love and loss and loneliness are magnified in paranormal because the characters are also dealing with the supernatural elements of immortality, power, and being outsiders.

Of course, that’s just me (and Jane); the same might not be true of you and if not, please feel free to comment and share your views on what elements of paranormal romance float your boat!


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  1. I definitely agree with you that the allure of paranormal romance is how love can transcend so many boundaries, but also how the loss can be so extreme because we are dealing with lives that exceed our normal human lives. Another thing that I find attractive is the sense that the hero/heroine is dealing with controlled danger when interacting with the paranormal being. Being able to survive that danger (and maybe even tame it) through the power of love is quite a heady experience.

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