Heather Graham, The Seance sparks a real seance in Salem

November 8, 2007

By Marleah Stout

The Seance House

What better way to celebrate Heather Graham’s October title, The Séance, than with a real séance in the rich backdrop of Salem, Massachusetts? This was more than a perfect choice because Heather has such a vast knowledge of Salem and some truly creepy stories about what went on in Salem in the 1600s and beyond.

It was a perfect autumn day in late September when we drove into Salem and directly to Pickering Wharf. We lingered there loving the scenery until we looked around and spotted a shop called The Cat, the Crow and the Crown. The shop is run by the town’s Official Witch, Laurie Cabot. After purchasing some much needed potions and oils we moved on with Heather for a real ghost walk through the streets of Salem.

The atmosphere is incredible there. Heather took my colleague Michelle and I though a full history lesson from the dramatic, cloaked statue of Roger Conant (I still have nightmares) to the Salem Witch Museum. We ended up at the Charter Street Old Burying Point listening to Heather’s chilling stories about the witch trials and the pasts of many of the people named on the head stones. It actually was quite a beautiful if not slightly eerie place.

Our last stop was the House of the Seven Gables where the Séance took place. Once we were all seated and ready with our pens and paper, the Medium running the evening told us that this would not be a séance like what we have all seen on TV. No scary footsteps or tables rising off the ground but special messages from our friends and family from beyond. The only thing asked of us was that we keep an open mind. I was lucky enough to have had a visit from my aunt who passed away several years ago. The whole experience was not frightening but rather nice. The event left us all with a hopeful feeling that there may be something else out there.

Check out this article from the Boston Globe that will give you more information about the wonderful Heather Graham and our amazing day in Salem!


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