Have a romantic paranormal Halloween!

October 31, 2007

By Jenny B 

It’s All Hallows’ Eve!  There isn’t a better occasion to celebrate all that is paranormal!

Tonight, after giving out goodies to the neighborhood kiddies, I plan to fire up my TV and watch Pushing Daisies and Reaper, then run a hot bath to ward off the chill and soak in a good, scary read while I soak in the tub!  On tap for tonight: The Beast Within by Lisa Renee Jones, from Silhouette Nocturne, about an immortal demon fighter; and after I’ve inhaled that novel I’m going to dive into Heart of Stone by C.E. Murphy, from LUNA, about a gargoyle who comes to life!

After all that I’ll probably need to sleep with the lights on. 

What’s your favorite paranormal read to get you in the mood for Halloween?


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  1. For me, given how many paranormals I’m lucky enough to edit, I kind of get to be in the Halloween mood year round. This year, though, I had an extra and yet still book-related experience to get me in the mood. To help launch Heather Graham’s THE SEANCE, which I’d actually edited months ago, MIRA set up a seance in Salem, MA, on the grounds of the House of the Seven Gables. It was the first real seance I’d ever been to, and it was fascinating more than scary, I’m happy to say, because the book is pretty terrifying in parts, definitely something I’d rather read than experience, LOL!

    Leslie aka Mrs. Wm. the Bloody (for those who still remember my beloved Spike)

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